Our Search Process

Search Planning

Partner with your key executives, hiring managers, and human resources professionals to:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of your business organization, philosophy, culture, and strategies
  • Gather detailed job specifications and requirements including core responsibilities, opportunities to contribute, measures of success, reporting structure, and candidate expectations, qualifications, and compensation
  • Create a candidate sourcing strategy and market messaging

Search Execution

The search includes the following phases:

  • Research and source candidates from a variety of resources, including recruiting, networking, recruiting partners, and  private database
  • Prescreen and qualify candidates
  • Generate interest from qualified candidates through consistent market messaging


After screening candidates, present the best-qualified individuals who are eager to explore the opportunity to join your company through the following process:

  • Assist in coordinating the interview process
  • Gather feedback from the candidate, both positive and negative, on perceptions, concerns, and reactions, and present to you
  • Conduct reference checks if requested by you
  • Assist in offer preparation and negotiating compensation

Post Search Support

  • Assist you with on boarding for the new hire
  • Follow up with the new hire and you to make  sure that the relationship is off to a successful start


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